July 23 - 26, 2018
Denver, CO

Demo Experience
July 22, 2018

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Running has been identified as a strong growth category for Summer Market 2014 and exhibitors are pulling out all the stops!

The OIWC Ragnar Relay Challenge returns for 2014 and ASICS is bringing its Treadmill Challenge truck - this one of a kind truck-mounted treadmill only runs at one speed, the ASICS LA Marathon record pace of 2:06:35. Attendees will be harnessed in, so in the off-chance they can't keep the pace, they'll be safely lifted off the machine.

There is an increasing market demand for technical fabrications in endurance sports running products, fine tuning fit, increasing durability and integrating specific features designed to benefit various sports and activities, which brings Summer Market 2014's Industrial Design Center into focus for the Running Community. More details about the Industrial Design Center and how our Communities can benefit will be available shortly!

The Open Air Demo will feature multi-sport events like the Pedal/Paddle, as well trail running, mountain bike demos and assortment of distance and sprint paddle races with plenty of opportunities for testing and making open-to-buy decisions.


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