January 25 - 28, 2018
Denver, CO


“We come to the on-snow demo to check out all the coolest new products coming up next year. So far this year we found the new Solomon Rocker 2 in a 115, which is FANTASTIC. And the long-anticipated Guardian binding. It’s just a great slack-country binding for our shop in Big Sky and that would probably be my favorite pick of the show so far.”
Andrew Schriner, Grizzly Outfitters, Big Sky, Montana

“We’ve come to Outdoor Retailer, of course, every year, for many, many years because it’s a great place to show retailers our new products and to meet them in person and certainly it’s a great venue for that type of thing. 2012 is already starting out as a great year. We’ve had a pretty busy show. We’ve had quite a few new products launching. It’s been a very, very good show!”
Shelley Dunbar, Marketing Director, Sea to Summit

“This is kind of a rally point for all us, where athletes come together, obviously a lot of our sales reps, our accounts, and it’s so critical and we look forward to getting together twice a year like this to just share stories...it’s a camaraderie in this industry that we come for. Of course, we’re doing great business too.” Beaver Theodosakis, Founder, Prana

“We’re probably one of the oldest vendors at Outdoor Retailer. We’ve been coming here for a number of years. It’s the best venue for us because we can see all of our accounts on a national basis gathered in one place all the way from the great specialty stores up to some of the bigger players. They all come to this show to see and feel and almost taste the excitement level of the outdoor industry. It has been outstanding; it’s actually a lot better, has improved over 11. We’re seeing a lot more traffic and every account that’s been on our books has shown up on time. We’ve had a lot of walk-ins as well, so we’re extremely busy here at the show.”
Jerry Rinder, Vice President of Sales, Woolrich

“In terms of tradeshows in either surf or outdoor industries, this is the show where all the retailers are, it’s the right time of year for us to start taking orders and it’s unbelievable to be able to come here and have the on-water day; it’s the whole package. Participation is continuing to grow in this sport, and OR is the heart of the thing."
Huntley Dornan, Surftech

“The best thing about this environment is that everybody gets to try out everybody’s boats. By retailers coming here they get to see first-hand on the water the changes we’re making so they’re educated for their buying and educated for their customers. This is the hub of the industry, everybody comes here.”
Damon Bungard, Jackson Kayak

“Open Air Demo is a chance for us to get some of our newest product on the feet of shop employees and people who run shops, plus we get feedback here to find ways to improve product, improve the booth space and have a better event. The retailers that come out early to take part in demo days are the ones who we really want to be speaking to because they’re the most stoked and they want to check everything out. It’s a great audience.”
Mark Hofmann, Patagonia Footwear

“I’m here to meet with vendors to discuss possible equipment and clothing that could help the US military and the demo and Outdoor Retailer is great because it brings everybody throughout the US to one central location so we can have 80 meetings in three days.”
John Hurley, US Army

“We’re really trying to take our fly shop in a direction that’s not so much selling equipment as it is selling fly fishing. Open Air Demo is a great opportunity to come out here and paddle around, check out the stability, see if I can stand up in these kayaks and cast from them and provide something my customers is that is really brand new. Right now I can learn the difference between types of kayaks because I got to use them and experience the tradeoffs you couldn’t see if you were inside.”
Dave Leinweber, Angler’s Covey in Colo. Springs

"We like to be out in front of the pack - it's in our DNA! We were the first dedicated SUP company to exhibit at the OR Summer Market a few years ago. Last summer, we were the first to paddle a giant SUP (30+ feet) at the lake demo. In January, we decided to go for another first and brought our Hawaiian heritage and products to the OR Winter Market. It was hugely successful for us and we were stoked on the brand's reception with the show's winter crowd."
Todd Bradley, CEO, C4 Waterman

"OR was the perfect platform for us to introduce our new Sazzi "Toe Motion Footwear" and connect with our core demographic. Overall, we were extremely pleased with the traffic and energy of the show this winter. We're already looking forward to the summer show."
Brett Ritter, CEO, Sazzi Footwear

"Our material is unique and so is our location within the 'material world' at OR. These shows allow us to get in front of the bulk of our customer base under one roof at the same time. The Winter Market was a great show and the follow-up since the show has been unprecedented for us."
Jason Stanson, COO, PLUSfoam

"Summer Market was another great OR show. I was very impressed with the New Exhibitor Pavilion! It was busy every time I visited, and I went in all four days to check out new vendors as well as follow up, have actual appointments or bring other buyers through for a second opinion. I think we'll end up bringing in at least eight new lines because of the New Exhibitor Pavilion, from a big clothing vendor to a new SUP line to some small, but cool and unique, accessories."
Mike Donohue, Outdoor Gear Exchange / GearX.com

“The quality of buyers was more than what we hoped for; walking around the show we were invigorated because sometimes you start to feel like you know everyone you need to know, but we met a lot of people who really inspired us. There was a lot of energy and different types of brands than we expected and I think we all felt overwhelmed by the positivity of the show.”
Beth Steele, Director of Sales, Burton

“One of our main objectives is to be authentic, to be a member of the community. And if you’re not here, you are not a member of that community. So that’s why we come here, because we want to be in our tribe and our tribe is Outdoor Retailer. You are not a brand without Outdoor Retailer. If we talk about a community, you’re not a member of that community until you are here. You are just an outlier, trying to get in. I think it’s important that you learn what the community wants. And you learn that by interaction with retailers. Here I have the ability to see hundreds of retailers. Almost 200 appointments during the course of the show. How long will it take you, as the leader of some small company, to see 200 retailers? A long time. But it’s not about time. It’s about having an understanding of the significance of all the players. I simply don’t understand why a retailer wouldn’t want to be able to see in one place every brand that describes their business. Leaders are here because they know that’s where they're going to see what’s new, where they’re going to see the trends. Trends are absolutely defined at Outdoor Retailer.”
Larry Harrison, Director of Sales, adidas OUTDOOR

“There has been a very positive energy in the marketplace – it’s important that we as vendors work closely with our retailers, you find that happening on the Outdoor Retailer show floor. This is about one big family together, working together.”
Dan McInerny, Vice President of Sales/Partner, OluKai Inc.

“We tell our customers that we're staying on top of the industry's latest and greatest. Outdoor Retailer allows us to do that leg work and research for them in a very compressed period of time. It's such a benefit to be able to see, touch, feel and test new products in person."
Brigitte Rouleau, VP, Morsel Munk, Winsted, CT

“This show was exactly what we’d want to see in a show. We saw everybody we wanted to see and we loved the environment. We’re seeing the buyers, the magazines and editorial and all the athletes we want to see all in one place so it’s a really efficient use of our time, energy and costs.”
Greg Thomsen, Managing Director, adidas OUTDOOR

“Being at OR opened a lot of doors. I made a lot of connections at Project OR and now I work at RLX, Ralph Lauren. I checked the brand and I just felt that it was something that I resonate with - Fashion fusing new technology. I’m all about progressiveness—what is next.”
Ryanniel Ocampo, RLX Ralph Lauren & Project OR Winner

"For the first time in a long time, this industry seems to be on the same page. At Outdoor Retailer, shops were expressing the challenges they face, and vendors, instead of pushing for short term gains, not only listened to those concerns but came prepared with strategies on how to alleviate issues; we all seem to be investing in the long-term health of our industry.”
Gerry Fullington, General Manager, Massey's Professional Outfitters

“We’re debuting our Family Tree line here. It’s really the first time they’ve been on snow to demo, so we’re hoping they’re going to make a splash here. We’re really excited.”
Scott Stewart, Board Design Engineer, Burton Snowboards

“The show is going really well. We’ve had a lot of great meetings with brands that are stoked to be here and to branch out and expand and see what’s out there outside of the action sports industry. The show seems really solid.”
Kailee Bradstreet, Online Editor, Transworld Business

“I’m here at Outdoor Retailer, and I enjoy seeing what is on the market. I also enjoy seeing many climbers here running around, so we divide some experiences. I have the feeling that outdoor activities are going all over the world, going quite quickly in the moment. And this is one of the big outdoor fairs worldwide.” Reinhold Messner, Mountaineer and Explorer