July 26 - 29, 2017
Salt Lake City, UT

Demo Experience
July 25, 2017

Badge Registration

Registration is now open for Summer Market 2017!

See the Credential Requirements.


When and where is the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market?
Outdoor Retailer Summer Market will be held July 26 - 29, 2017 at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Open Air Demo will be a one day event prior to the tradeshow on July 25, 2017.

What is Open Air Demo?
Top brands in the industry exhibit and allow buyers the chance to demo the latest gear for the ultimate hands on experience. Come try out the latest in kayaks, standup boards, camping gear, GPS systems and much more before you place your orders.  

Who can attend Open Air Demo? What are the requirements?
Open Air Demo is open to all registered attendees of Outdoor Retailer. All attendees (including exhibitors) are required to sign a waiver and receive a wristband prior to entering the demo area. Wristband and waivers will be available at the Salt Palace shuttle desk or at the Registration desk located at the entrance of Open Air Demo.

All attendees are required to wear their official Outdoor Retailer badge to gain entrance into this special event. Attendees must stop by the Registration desk located in the Salt Palace Convention Center to either pick up their badge and/or register.

For shuttles times, driving directions, event listings, and much more visit the Open Air Demo home page.

Is this show open to the general public?
Outdoor Retailer is not open to the general public.  Only authorized buyers and members of the trade will be admitted. As a respected industry event, we can only register qualified** retail buying businesses in the outdoor industry.

How much does Outdoor Retailer cost?

I have attended in the past, do I need to register again and if so, why?
Yes, each company must register for each event separately to ensure that we have the most current and accurate information.

I have attended before yet I do not find my company listed on your website?
There are multiple reasons why you may not be found in our online database, even if you have previously attended the trade show. Only attendees of the 2015-2016 Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and 2016-2017 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market tradeshows will be listed.  If you are unable to locate your information within the online registration system you MUST re-submit your business credentials by following the process as outlined above.

I’m required to re-submit my business credentials (or) this will be my first show as a buyer/distributor, what documents do I need to provide?

You will need to submit a minimum of two of the following credentials once you have completed the online registration process:

  • Volume purchase invoices of FINISHED brand name goods in the outdoor industry, placed within the last six months.
  • Business card that includes your company name and current business address.
  • Business License indicating you are retail business (Please do NOT send a tax ID or sellers permit these are not valid credentials and will not complete your registration).
  • For new businesses only: A letter of intent from an attorney or bank on official letterhead stating what type of business you intend to start.

I’m attending Outdoor Retailer to purchase raw materials, how do I register? 
If you design for a specific manufacturer or work as a freelance designer you can now register under the new designer category. As a designer you are required to register online for each Outdoor Retailer and submit a minimum of 2 of the following credentials:

Manufacturer Designer Credentials

  • Business Card that includes your current company address and product designer title
  • Invoices made within the last six months showing purchases of raw goods in the outdoor industry (must be invoiced to the company you work for).
  • Credit Reference Sheet of suppliers for raw goods
Freelance Designer Credentials
  • Business Card that includes job title
  • Job invoice (made within the last 6 months) for product design work that was completed for a brand in the outdoor industry
  • Contract and/or job agreement for a current freelance product designer position with a brand in the outdoor industry. Please provide contact information for the brand representative for reference check.
  • Letter of intent from a brand in the outdoor industry for a freelance product designer position. Please provide contact information for the brand representative for reference check.       

If your primary job is not that of a product designer or if you cannot provide the above information, your registration will not be qualified and you will need to re-register as a non-buyer.

Where do I send the required credentials?

Please fax a minimum of two of the required credentials to 949-226-5626. If you do not have access to a fax machine you may mail credentials to:

Outdoor Retailer Registration
31910 Del Obispo
STE 200
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675  

I completed my registration online and did not receive a confirmation email, what should I do?

If you completed the registration process online and did not receive a confirmation email immediately after saving, please log back on to the registration page and search your company name. If the lookup says your status is pending or already registered call the registration hotline at 866-221-7934, confirm that we have the correct email/fax number and ask to have your confirmation resent. If you are unable to locate your registration record it was not completed the first time and you will need to re-register.

I completed the online registration process and submitted my corresponding business credentials, when will I receive my approval confirmation?
You will be notified via email once your registration has been reviewed. Please do not call to confirm receipt of your fax we are currently inundated with registration requests. We will follow up and/or send confirmation within two weeks. If you have not heard from us after two weeks, please refax your credentials to 949-226-5626.

I am bringing someone with me do they need a badge to enter the show?
Attendees of Outdoor Retailer including children of ALL AGES must be registered for a badge before they will be allowed to enter the show floor.

How do I add more staff to my store/company once I’m registered and qualified?

Register your additional staff just as you registered originally. If you are registering as a first time buyer, you must resubmit your credentials.

When will I receive my badge in the mail?
We are not mailing badges moving forward. We began this process beginning Summer Market 2012.

What if I want a refund for my registration?
This event is Non-Refundable. No exceptions.

What if I need to make my hotel arrangements?

If you need to make hotel arrangements please click here.

How do I exhibit at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017? Click Here

** Buyer Qualification is subject to Outdoor Retailer approval.

Emerald Expositions reserves the right to accept, reject or prohibit registration for or attendance at its events at any time for any reason.