July 23 - 26, 2018
Denver, CO

Demo Experience
July 22, 2018

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A Community For Designers, Trend Forecasters, Raw Materials And Technical Fabrications Suppliers


Connect with more than 340 raw materials suppliers, hundreds of apparel designers, industrial designers, trend forecasters and more - only at Outdoor Retailer.

Located in the Supplier Tower make sure to visit the Trend and Design Center.

Professional trend agencies, design associations and other designer-serving entities will gather to present trend forecasts, education and networking events.


The Trend and Design Center will also be the ONLY location to pick up the new "SOURCE at Outdoor Retailer" print directory - a who's who of raw materials suppliers servicing the outdoor and lifestyle industries.

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Raw Materials Suppliers / Exhibitors

37.5™ / Cocona Inc.
Aaebon Co., Ltd.
ABMT Textiles- Merino
Acro-Gain Industrial Ltd.
Advanced Elements
AGT International Co., Ltd.
All Magic Sports Co., Ltd.
Allied Feather & Down
Amaterrace Inc.
Ameco Co., Ltd.
Anhui Sunny Fashion Ltd.
Antaeus Textile Co., Ltd.
Aqua Sports Co., Ltd.
ASF Group / Clark Textile Company
Asia Fit International Co., Ltd.
Asia Sun (Taiwan) Inc.
Assems Inc.
Associacao Selectiva Moda
Atic Fashion Co., Ltd.
Bellmart Industrial (Great King Group)
Bemis Associates Inc.
Best Pacific Textile (Hong Kong) Ltd.
bluesign technologies ag
Bristex Co., Ltd.
Brookwood Companies, Inc.
Bug Protector
Burlington Industries
Button International Co. Ltd.
Calamai By Lanificio Becagli
Carol Textile Co Ltd.
Carr Textile Corp.
Carvico USA
CBF Labels Inc.
Centric Software
Chain Yarn Corporation
Chang-Ho Fibre Corporation
Changtex/ Saechang Commercial Co., Ltd.
Chapul Cricket Bars
Chia Her Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chieftex Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Chin Hsiang Shun Co., Ltd.
Chyau Fu Paper Printing Co., Ltd.
CIEC Overseas Co., Ltd.
Cocona Inc./ 37.5™
Concept III Textiles International
CoolCore, LLC
CoolVisions® by FiberVisions
Cordura® Brand
Cordura® fabrics
Cotec-Epo International Co., Ltd.
Cotton Incorporated
Coville, Inc.
Cyberknit Fabrics
Dae-Hyun Textile Co., Ltd.
Danken Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Deer Creek Fabrics
DerWei Textile Co., Ltd.
Design Imports
Designer Textiles International
Ding Zing Corporation
Diyang Merino Textile Ltd.
Dong Jin International
Dong-A Webbing Co., Ltd.
Dry-Tex Lamination Textiles
DSM Dyneema Cubic Technology
Ducksan Enterprise Co., Ltd.
DuPont™ Sorona®
Duraflex USA
E.Textint Corp.
Eclat Textile Co., Ltd.
Ecoinn Ent. Co. Ltd.
Elastic Fabrics of America
Euro-A-Zipper (HK) Co., Ltd.
European Stretch Fabrics - Aquatech
eVent fabrics
Everest Textile Co., Ltd.
Evertex Fabrinology Limited
Far Eastern New Century Corporation
Fiber and Yarn Products
Flying Tex
Formosa Chemicals & Fibre Corporation
Formosa Taffeta Co.
Fortune Textile Co., Ltd.
Framis Italia SPA
Full Color Co., Ltd.
Fulltide Enterprise Co., Ltd.
G&H International Co., Ltd.
Gear ReStore
Gianno Co. Ltd.
Giant Knitting, Co., Ltd.
Global Merino
Global Sun Group Ltd.
Glowtex Co., Ltd.
Grand Textile
Hemp Fortex Industries Ltd.
Hitex Textile Co., Ltd.
Ho Yu Textile Co., Ltd.
Hobbs Bonded Fibers
Hohenstein Institute
Hong Ding Textile Co., Ltd.
Hongda High-Tech Holding Co., Ltd.
Huamao (Xiamen) Weaving Dyeing & Finishing Co., Lt
Hui Liang Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hung's Fortune International Co. Ltd.
Hwa Fune Industry Co., Ltd.
Hyosung Corporation
IBQ Fabrics
Ideal Fastener Corporation
iKamper Co., Ltd.
Insotect Ltd.
IRabbit Technical Fabric Co., Ltd.
ITW Nexus
J-Long Ltd.
Jason International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Jet Goal Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Jiang Su Ape Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.
Jiang Xi Provincial Lefu Gangye Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Acome Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.
Jiaoway Sporting Goods (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.
Jin Won Co., Ltd.
Jinjiang Wancheng Garments Co., Ltd.
JRC Reflex
Junmay Label Mfg. Corp.
K & K Clothing Accessories Co. Ltd.
Kane-M, Inc.
King's Metal Fiber Technologies Co., Ltd.
Kingwhale Industries Corp.
KMK Co., Ltd.
Kolon Fashion Material, Inc.
KSPO (Korea Sports Promotion Foundation)
Labtex Co., Ltd.
Lain Hong Shing Yeh Co., Ltd.
Lee House Textiles Co., Ltd.
LeeJo Textile Co., Ltd.
Li Peng Enterprise Co., Ltd.
LJ Sports Technical Textile Co., Ltd.
Long Advance Int'l Co., Ltd.
Luna Packaging LLC
Lushworld Industrial Co., Ltd.
M-Associates Inc.
Magnatex Inc.
Manhattan Outdoor Wear Factory., Ltd.
Material ConneXion
Maxland Sportswear Industrial Co., Ltd.
Meichuan Tex Co., Ltd.
Merryson Corporation
MFI International
Microban International
Milco Industries Inc.
MMI Textiles Inc.
Monterey Mills Inc.
MurphyTex Industrial Co., Ltd.
Nan Ya Plastics Corp., Polyester Fiber Division
Nanchang Keize Garments Inc.
Neomed Co., Ltd.
New Trend Textile Co., Ltd.
Newfortune Industrial Col. Ltd.
Ningbo Hounuo Plastic Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Pinyi Outdoor Technology Co., Ltd.
Nishat Mills Limited
Nuwa Inc.
One Chang Material Co., Ltd.
Outlast Technologies LLC
Paltex Company Ltd.
People N' Nature Textile Co.
Pittards plc
PlusFoam Compound Technologies, LLC
Polartec, LLC
Pontetorto SPA
Porelle Membranes
Premiere Fashion Corp.
Prism Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Ferretec Imp & Exp Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Tianyucong Headwear Co., Ltd.
QMI Industrial Co., Ltd.
Quick Feat International
Raphila, Ltd.
Ray-Fabrics Co., Ltd.
Rentex Inc.
Retail Pro/ Retail Information Systems
Rih Jan Fibre Industrial Co., Ltd.
Royal Maye Chie Enterprises Inc.
Ruey Fa Enterprise Co. Ltd.
Safil Spa
Samsung Trading Co., Ltd.
Schoeller Textil USA
Seabreezs International Co., Ltd.
Shei Chung Hsin Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sheico Group)
Sheng Yuan Textile & Flannel Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Reanson Products Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Xufengda Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Shin Han Spinning & Mira Corporation
Shin Won Textile
Shinhan Ind. Co., Ltd.
Shinih Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Shinkong Textile Co., Ltd.
Shinpung Textile Co. Ltd
Shiny Textile Co., Ltd.
Singtex Industrial Co. Ltd.
Sixup Corporation
Sporic Co., Ltd.
Stellar Kayaks & Surf Skis
Suedwolle Group
Sunny Special Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd.
Sunshine Knitting Co., Ltd.
Superwill Industrial Co., Ltd.
Swisstex Direct, LLC
Tabar / Fownes Performance Group
Tai Erh Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Tai Yuen Textile Co., Ltd.
Taiwan Functional Textiles
Taiwan Garment Industry Association
Taiwan Paiho Limited
Taiwan Select / Taiwan Textile Federation
Taiwan Textile Federation
Taiwan Vertex Production Corp.
Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
Texbase, Inc.
Texma International Co., Ltd.
Texollini Inc.
Texray Industrial Co. Ltd.
Tiong Liong Corporation
Titex vertriebs-GmbH
Tolin Co., Ltd.
Tomlong Techstile Corporation
Toray International America, Inc.
Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Trimmers Hardware Company
Tweave, LLC
U-Join Company Limited
U-Long High Tech Textile CO., Ltd.
UltraTech International, Inc.
Unifi, Inc.
United Knitting LLC
Universe Fashion Accessories Co., Ltd.
Velo Bling Designs
Ventex Co., Ltd.
Vertical Design Group
Vertical Source Inc.
Victorytex International Co., Ltd.
W. L. Gore & Associates - Military Fabrics
W. L. Gore & Associates/ Gore-Tex® Brand
W&T Zippers
WidePlus International Co., Ltd.
Wilson Group DBA Wilson Garment Accessories (Int'l) Ltd.
Woojin Plastic
Wu Luen Knitting Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Ching Song Optical Industrial Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Zuona Sports Co., Ltd.
Yaw Liamy Enterprise Co., Ltd.
YKK (U.S.A) Inc.
Youngone Corporation
Yu Yuang Textile Co., Ltd.
Yuan Chan Textile Co., Ltd.
Yuan Li Chia Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Zaltbee/ Altbee Co.
Zhejiang Dejun New Material Co., Ltd.
Ziyu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

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