July 23 - 26, 2018
Denver, CO

Demo Experience
July 22, 2018

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Paddle at OR

Kayaking, Rafting, Canoeing And More!

It doesn't get more core at Summer Market than Paddle. A pillar of the Summer Market experience, the Outdoor Retailer Paddle Community brings out its best - from product debuts, to athlete sighting, to demos and more, Paddle at OR is one of the show's most vibrant communities.

The OR Paddle Club

New for 2014 will be the OR Paddle Club. Like the Paddle Tank from the days of yore, the OR Paddle Club will be built around a watery testing field, and will be where industry advocates, athletes, retailers and canoeing, kayaking, and rafting equipment brands come together. What's different, is that the OR Paddle Club will be positioned front and center at the highly trafficked Pavilions @ OR alongside the Boulder, the Studio and the Casting Pond.

The Pavilions @ OR have become THE buyer's destination for new at OR. As one buyer put it, "This is where the money is."  And now among the other extremely popular activation areas where retailers go to see demos and test products first hand, the OR Paddle Club exposes the Paddle Community and captures the imagination of a new demographic of buyers.     

Paddle Exhibitors

We're updating our Exhibitor list every day.  Check back soon for a complete listing of our Paddle exhibitors.

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