January 9 - 11, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

All Mountain Demo
January 8, 2018


Did You Know?

The Salt Palace lets nothing go to waste. All trash collected under the roof of the Salt Palace is taken to a transfer station and sorted. What this means: Every bag of trash is sorted for recyclables and only solid waste is sent to the dump. Recyclables include; plastic, cardboard, paper and aluminum. You can feel secure in knowing that your trash is being recycled simply by placing it in ANY trash can during the show. What needs special attention is the placement of all biodegradable items food containers and cutlery - into the proper containers so they can be taken to the local compost pile and turned into mulch and fertilizer for local growers.

Thanks to Clif Bar for being the Official Recycling Sponsor of Outdoor Retailer! 

Some Green Practices of Outdoor Retailer include:

  • Recycled aisle carpet - reused at each Outdoor Retailer show
  • Recycled booth carpet - offered to exhibitors in each service manual
  • Biodegradable food ware - utensils, plates, napkins, cups, sandwich containers
  • Paper badges (recycled paper and soy ink) - Results: Estimated paper/tree savings by using recycled paper for show badges? 68,000 badges ordered which contain 272 lbs of recycled material, this is equivalent to 3.264 Trees
  • Renewable energy - We still support 100% wind energy for every show we produce - Results: Amount of carbon offsets purchased for the OR Show by Green Steps? Total of 739,563 KWHR at Winter (291556 kwhr) & Summer Market (448007 kwhr). Overall CO2 use estimates at the show based on number of attendees or energy use, etc. (i.e. how are offsets determined?) Offsets are determined from actual energy usage at the SPCC from the prior year.
  • Recycled trash programs - We recycle everything! All cardboard during exhibitor move-in as well as all trash from the show floor is recycled - Results: Estimated pounds or tons (or # of garbage bags) of recycled garbage at the show saved from landfills (glass, paper, plastic, etc.) (This is the Summer Market 2010 recycling information only and does not include Winter Market) This is equivalent to:
    • Cardboard = 2.26 tons or 4520 lbs
    • Mixed recyclables = 0.5 tons or 1000 lbs
    • Equivalency Results of Recycling Information Above: 344 gallons of gasoline